Shark saves man: Man claims shark helped save him after 106 days at sea

A man who was lost in the Pacific Ocean for 106 days said a shark helped save his life, according to a Sunday report. said Toakai Teito, of Kiribati, began his trip from the Kiribati capital to the island of Maiana with his brother-in-law on May 27th in a small wooden vessel.

The two reportedly fell asleep and woke up to find themselves far at sea.

They had food, but did not very much water and they became dehydrated, according to the article.

The brother-in-law reportedly died on July 4th. reports Teitoi said he prayed that night and a storm came the next day.

He was able to fill two 5-gallon containers with water and survived mainly on fish for the next few weeks, according to the article.

Last week, Teitoi reportedly said he woke up to a sound and noticed a shark circling the boat and bumping up against it.

The article said Teitoi claims the shark showed him to a fishing boat where a crew rescued him. Read more .

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