Russian UTair 767, Argentina Airbus A340 airliners nearly collide at Barcelona airport (VIDEO)

BARCELONA, Spain - A Russian UTair 767 was forced to abort its landing at Spain's Barcelona airport Saturday when an Aeorlineas Argentina flight taxied across the landing runway.

The incident, which happened Saturday morning, was caught on tape by areobarcela.

The Argentina Airbus A340 could be seen crossing the active runway just as the ATair Boeing 767 descended  for a landing. The video shows the 767 pilots applying full power for an aborted landing, as the Airbus continued to cross the runway.

The ATair performed a missed approach and landed safely about 15 minutes later.  said the Airbus crossed the runway 3,826 feet from the runway threshold. It has more on the incident at

Flightradar24 tracked the Russian flight:

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