Paul Ryan, Joe Biden debate live video: Live stream Vice Presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky

DANVILLE, KY-- Final preparations are underway ahead of tonight's Vice Presidential debate.

42-year-old Republican whiz-kid Paul Ryan is set to face 69-year-old Democratic debate veteran Joe Biden.

"Joe Biden has been on this stage before. He has been on these big stages. This is my first time. But what he can't run from is President Obama's indefensible record," Ryan said upon his arrival.



The vice president, who sometimes hurts Team Obama with gaffes, is vowing with trademark bravado that he won't dodge.

"I'm looking forward to it," he laughed.

The stakes in Danville, Kentucky look higher after last week's debate in Denver.

Mitt Romney received a significant bump after his performance there, narrowing the gap in several key battleground states.

Biden and Ryan will be seated, which usually means lower energy, for a debate on foreign and domestic policy.