New laws 2013: Facebook password law and other new changes that started Janurary 1

As the calendars turn over to 2013, new laws will be taking effect all over the country.

In Maryland and Maine, gay marriage was passed. And the recreational use of marijuana? That was approved in Colorado and in Washington state.

But wait. There's more -- much more.

Let's start with the laws that take effect Jan. 1, 2013.

In Illinois and California, employers may no longer force their employees to provide their passwords to the social media accounts.

The same is true if you are applying for a job in either one of those states.

And speaking of job seeking, in Oregon, employers are no longer allowed to post a job opening, unless they're willing to hire the unemployed.

In Maryland, Arsenic is banned in chicken feed. Why? Well, it's a measure to help protect the Chesapeake Bay from any toxins.

California is now banning any treatment aimed at changing the sexual orientation of someone that is under the age of 18.

So, let's take a look at the lighter side of things.

If you are a shark fan, you're going to like this one: There's a law in Illinois that may help protect that species.

The sale, trade, and possession of shark fins is illegal in Illinois.

In Florida, if you owned a swamp buggy, you no longer have to register it as a motor vehicle. It is no longer declared such in that state.

In Kentucky, it is now illegal to release a wild hog into the wild.

Yep. That's what that law says.

So, in 2013, some folks may be especially happy because they'll get a bump in their paycheck.

Ten states voted to raise their minimum wage in 2013.


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