New Florida logo: Enterprise Florida business logo tie design sparks criticism among women

In an effort to attract more business to the sunshine state, Enterprise Florida got a new design for the organization's logo.

But some business owners, specifically women, believe the image is gender specific and exclusionary.

The logo reads "Florida, the Perfect Climate For Business", with a men's necktie as the "i" in Florida.

While Enterprise Florida's branding logo is said to be a reminder that Florida is more than a resort and retirement destination, businesswoman Susan Stackhouse, CEO of Stellar Partners Inc, says its sending a bad message.

"It's clearly a strong visual that business and men go together," she told the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Colleen Chappell, a CEO of a Tampa branding company says it sends the wrong message to working Florida women.

Chappell's company was an unsuccessful contender last year for the Enterprise Florida branding contract.

An Enterprise Florida spokesman said the tie tested successfully as an image for the business.

Read Tampa Bay Business Journal's report here:

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