'Locks of Love': Paris urges tourists to stop placing locks on bridges

A city known for being one of the most romantic places on earth is telling lovers there to "only look, don't lock!"

"Locks of love" is a phenomenon that started in Paris several years ago.

Couples inscribe their names on everyday locks, latch them to various bridges throughout the city, then throw away the keys... symbolically sealing their love forever.

The practice caught on quickly and became a hit with tourists.

The flipside is that some bridges are being burdened with tens of thousands of pounds of extra weight causing some handrails and other bridge structures to collapse.

This week, Paris officials launched a new campaign encouraging couples to express their adoration with a selfie instead of leaving a lock.

In the past, Parisian authorities have had to cut down wide stretches of lock-encrusted bridge sections, only to have them reappear almost instantly.

City leaders hope the "take a selfie, don't leave a lock" campaign will ease the damaging tradition on their historic sites.