Kevin Scott Sutay: U.S. Ambassador Michael McKinley calls for the release of U.S. military veteran

Sutay was taken captive in Colombia a month ago

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- U.S. Ambassador Michael McKinley is calling for the immediate release of an American that Colombia's main rebel band claims to be holding.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia identifies the man as Kevin Scott Sutay, a U.S. military veteran taken captive a month ago in the country's south.

The group known as the FARC offers in a statement on its website to release him as a good-faith gesture during ongoing talks between rebels and the Colombian government in Cuba. It says Sutay identified himself as a 2010-2011 veteran of the Afghan war who left the U.S. Navy in March.

McKinley says Sutay is not an active member of the American military, and is not connected in any way with the U.S. mission in Colombia.

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