James Holmes Aurora Colorado shooting suspect's apartment being searched after Dark Knight shooting

NBC has identified a suspect in the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater.

Citing federal sources, NBC's Justice Correspondent Pete Williams said the suspect is James Holmes, who was born December 13, 1987.

A 24-year-old suspect was arrested in the parking lot of theater, police said. They have not officially identified the gunman.

NBC says he was not on any terror watch list, or extremist organizations.

Witnesses said he was dressed in black and was wearing a gas mask and bulletproof vest.

He was found with four weapons in his possession NBC said. They were a rifle and a shotgun and two handguns, police said. The rifle was reportedly a semi-automatic 'AK type.'

 The suspect alluded to bombs at his house. Police are at that apartment at Paris Street and 17th Avenue in North Aurora and have evacuated the building and the nearby area.

A bulletin was issued to other police agencies throughout the metro area warning them of the possibility of similar incidences in theaters in their cities.

A police spokesman told NBC's Today show they believe the gunman was acting alone.



thedenverchannel.com contributed to this report.

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