'Innocence of Muslims' video: Cindy Lee Garcia denied by judge in request to stop YouTube video

By GREG RISLING, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — A judge on Thursday denied a request seeking to force YouTube to remove an anti-Muslim film trailer that has been blamed for causing deadly violence in the Muslim World.

Judge Luis Lavin rejected the request from Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress who appears in the clip, in part because the man behind the film was not served with a copy of the lawsuit.

Garcia has said she and her family have been threatened and her career damaged since the 14-minute trailer for "Innocence of Muslims" surfaced.

"Emotionally, I am very disturbed," Garcia said before heading into court Thursday.

"When I originally was casted for the film, the name of the film was 'Desert Warriors' and it was supposed to be based on how things were 2 thousand years ago," Garcia said.

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