Gammy: Child with Down's Syndrome refused by adoptive parents, mother cares for her in Thailand

A surrogate mother in Thailand who has vowed to take care of a baby boy with Down's Syndrome says she's not mad nor hates his Australian adoptive parents for abandoning the child and only taking his healthy twin sister home with them.

Seven-month-old Gammy was born with Down's Syndrome and a life-threatening heart condition.

He was treated in the hospital Sunday for a lung infection that prevented him from breathing normally.

Gammy's 21-year-old mother says she wants the Australian parents to love their baby girl like her family loves Gammy.

The mother, who has two other young children, said she approached a surrogacy agency early last year because she wanted money to pay off her debts.

But she doesn't have the money for treatment needed for Gammy's heart condition.

An online campaign by an Australian charity organization has raised nearly $200,000 since July 22nd to help Gammy.