Rich French man told to get lost by 'La Liberation' newspaper

A front-page headline has slammed France's richest man.

The headline from Monday's edition of 'La Liberation' newspaper translates into: Get lost rich idiot.

It's aimed at Bernard Arnault who is seen in an accompanying photo carrying a suitcase.

Arnault, the owner of a luxury goods firm, recently announced he's applying for Belgian citizenship.

He cited personal and business reasons, but some speculate he's trying to dodge paying France's higher taxes.

Arnault denies this and says he'll continue paying taxes in France and keep his French nationality.
Earlier this year, French President Francois Hollande announced plans for a 75% tax on the super rich.

Arnault is considered the world's fourth richest man, with a total wealth estimated at 41 billion dollars, according to Forbes Magazine.

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