Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5S photos leaked? Release date rumors begin for newest iPhone

Apple lovers may have just gotten their hands on the iPhone 5 --  but the Internet is already blowing up with new rumors about the iPhone 5S.

According to CNET , a French Web site known as posted possible photos of the new phone.

The images aren't the clearest, but they show an iPhone that has the same exterior as an iPhone 5, except for a significant difference: Specific information has been replaced by an "x," which may indicate a prototype, CNET reports.

According to CNET , the new image also shows the phone has different locations for its screws.

CNET contacted Apple for comment, but they have not responded.

Many believe the next iPhone will only be a small step above the iPhone 5 -- similar to the iPhone 4 to 4S upgrade.

See the photos and a complete report here.

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