Witnesses describe near drowning along Singer Island after gusty weekend

Rough surf, strong winds plague Palm Beaches

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - While the Treasure Coast and communities northward were dealing with heavy rains and flooding over the weekend, the Palm Beaches were dealing with gusty winds and rough surf.

For some, that proved to be a scary combination Sunday, when multiple people found themselves in trouble along the coastline.

"It's very dangerous," said Julie Gardner, who was visiting south Florida from Kentucky. "You can be swept up and swept off your feet very quickly."

On Singer Island, witnesses said a man walked out onto a jetty in Palm Beach Shores and was knocked into the rough surf.

He was able to make it around the area of a pump station to grab tightly to a cable until someone could help him.

"His hands were bleeding and he said was okay," said Gardner, who had also been swept into the water by a wave on Sunday. "He was just thankful to be alive."

There were those who chose to get into the water, most of whom did so at their own risk.

"There's no lifeguard on duty here and it's just you and your friends and so if you screw up, you have to be able to rely on each other," said Alex Kattan of Tequesta, who was body surfing with friends in Jupiter. "Everyone is sticking to the shore. I think people were kind of nervous about the conditions."

It could be several days before the surf calms down. Swimmers, surfers, boaters and even those who are near the coastline, should use extreme caution.

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