Community Health Center in West Palm Beach in jeopardy of closing

Health center fighting to stay open

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Stan Gilbert is picking up his  medication.

"I am a type two diabetic and insulin dependent." For five years the Gilberts have been getting help from the Community Health Center in West Palm Beach. they've come to  rely on it. 

Debbie Gilbert said, "Without this place, we would not be able to afford his insulin, so it is life saving."

But the life saving help could be ending. The center is being squeezed out to make more room for a children's program. But when the move is completed next month, there's no guarantee the doors will re-open.

George Papadimitriou, the center's Director said, "We are going through a financial burden because moving is not cheap with that move we have enough money for the build out, we do not have funds for operating expenses after March 18th."
There's concern the seven employees who coordinate patient care could lose their jobs. "Just general operating costs, we are spending 30 thousand dollars a month on operating costs on patient supplies, for education and insulin, salaries and overhead unfortunately are all expensive."

The center's director continues to pack boxes for the move, hoping for a miracle.

"I have faith that something is going to happen and that the community will realize how important this is," he said.


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