VIRTUAL TRAVEL: See the world via drone on new site

(WXYZ) - A new drone initiative is helping people travel all over the world without even leaving the comfort of their home.

Imagine soaring above some of your favorite places on Earth. Maybe there is a country you've always wanted to visit.

Well, a new site called TravelByDrone is giving you once-in-a-lifetime views with just one click.

The site, launched in March 2014 in Zurich, lets anyone discover the world from a drone's perspective.

"I want to create a library with the most amazing drone videos of the world," said Jan Hiersemenzel, a spokesperson for the site. 

Videographer enthusiasts, or just drone owners with a good eye submit videos that they've taken from around the world.

A team of four people review the submitted YouTube videos, they are then tagged geographically on a world map.

Some of the videos are absolutely incredible. The site currently has 2,500 videos uploaded. 

You can even check out a couple from our own area.

To submit a video to the site, it has to be good quality and clearly show the area in which the drone flies.

Check out HERE

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