Tips for saving gas while boating

With the price of gas on the rise, Boat US has assembled six great tips that will help save your family's precious gas dollars. As a reminder, Boat US members receive $.10 cents off each gallon purchased at both North Palm Beach Marina and New Port Cove Marine Center. Stop in for savings - we'll be happy to help you save at the pump so you can spend more time on the water!
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Lighten the load is one of easiest no-cost things to save on gas. Clear out all of that extra junk that's you've been storing aboard the boat.

Get a tune-up: An annual tune-up is a must if you're truly serious about saving gas. Call Mike Bergen, 561-626-1760 at Old Port Cove Marina or Bill Clark Marine Services 561-842-4995

Check the prop: Props with little dings should be taken to a repair shop now. This is also the time to ensure you are happy with your prop's performance - have a discussion with your marina or local prop shop to ensure you still have the right prop installed based on your current boating needs.

Paint the bottom: For boats docked in salt or brackish water, keeping the fuel-robbing "green gunk" growth from adhering to your boat's hull can save a lot of fuel. But you'll need to ensure the vessel has a new coat of bottom paint put on, making it difficult for anything to grow on the hull bottom.

Check the trim tabs: Unbalanced boats chew up the gas. During spring commissioning, ensure that trim tabs function properly. Check the reservoir for leaks.

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