Thieves take tires, leave cars on cinder blocks on posh Palm Beach

Bentley and Porsche targeted

PALM BEACH, Fla.  Neighbors living on Palm Beach are reacting to a bold crime.

"I don't know what to think, certainly not the Christmas spirit," said island resident Cynthia Martin.

A Bentley and a Porsche were left on cinder blocks overnight. The cars' tires were stolen.

"Pretty brazen and somebody knowing what they're doing, definitely would have to know how to take wheels off a specialty car like that," added Martin.

Investigators searched outside the two homes, along the driveways and around the cars for any clues pointing to a suspect.
Authorities say thieves can get big bucks for the tires. 

On Craigslist Porsche tires were recently listed at $955. On eBay,  Bentley tires listed for $750.

Doug Parlamento at D&R Automotive Specialties says loosening a tire lock isn't hard.

"Very quickly, very quietly if you have the right stuff," he said.

He demonstrated it in a matter of seconds.

Palm Beach investigators say in addition to the tire theft, two cars were stolen overnight. Police say it's possible the four incidents were all related.

That has neighbors on high alert.  "I think we'll put our alarm system on all the time now," said Martin.


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