Teens react to Pope's resignation

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI became the topic of conversation for students at Cardinal Newman High School.

"He does, in my opinion, at least show, for someone that is as old as he is, a lot of youth and vitality," said senior John Daniell.

Many students at the school follow Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter. The leader has encouraged other church leaders to embrace technology.  The students hope the new pope will do the same.

"When it's just right there on your twitter and you're seeing it with everyone else you're following too, it's really cool that he can just involve himself in your lives like that," explained junior Millie Isiminger.

Students say they are not as concerned with how old the next pope is, but about his approach.

"It depends, if they choose a pope that is really liberal or conservative, it will affect how the younger generation will view the church," said senior Keelin Severtson.

With his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI took action not seen in 600 years. The kids are interested to see if the next leader will break ground in other ways.

"When a new pope comes in he might be making changes to the church that people were scared to do because they didn't want to break tradition," said Isiminger.

The teens are interested to see what the new pope brings to the Roman Catholic Church.

"Perhaps with the new pope he can bring some youth and vitality and energy to the job.  And that maybe perhaps the Catholic Church will come back into the glory that it was once seen by the people," Daniell said.

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