Zac Latawiec: Florida teen survives lightning strike

Machines kept Zac alive for the first five days

(WBBH, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) Holding his girlfriend's hand, just like when they were struck by lightning, 14-year-old Zac Latawiec showed a flair for the dramatic and walked to his first interview.

 "I just remember going to the beach and getting there. That's all," he recalled.

Zac's memory is fuzzy. His body and voice are weak. But given what he's been through, it is a remarkable recovery.

Do you consider yourself a miracle? He was asked. “Yes,” he said.

"We assumed there was going to be some brain damage,” said Dr. Roberto Monge with Golisano Children's Hospital.

Dr. Monge says machines kept Zac alive for the first five days, but then Zac's spirit kicked in.

"There is something about him that also has helped him to recover,” the doctor said.

"I had doubt, so much doubt, but then it just kept getting better and better and better and now here we are, 15 days later, never thought, but he did it. He's strong, he's a fighter,” said Zac’s mother Danita Lovins.

Lovins says her son has watched the video from the beach where paramedics did CPR to keep his heart beating in those crucial first minutes. Now Zac wants to honor and thank everyone who helped save his life by making the most of it.

"Now he's talking about going to church again every Sunday, so that's a good thing. He's talking about doing other things for the community, so we're gonna’ get there, little by little,” Lovins said.

The doctor says Zac will probably go home in the next week and he thinks there is a good chance Zac will make a full recovery.