Youvens Madeus accused of killing girlfriend Horatia Siemus

Friends react to murder of Horatia Siemus

"She was a good girl, a good girl. She just needed a chance with the right person," said Karen Mattila, who worked with the victim.

While friends of Horatia Siemus are left picking up the pieces, so too are those at the Palm Beach County Victims Services, as one of their advocates was on the phone with Simeus while she was being attacked.

That advocate was trying to help Simeus get a restraining order against her boyfriend, Yovens Madeus.

"It's really difficult when it's a client we have assisted, and its absolutely devastating," said Ellen Craddock-Day, a supervisor with Victims Services.

Friends of the victim say Simeus was three months pregnant.

Craddok-Day says this can be an added stressor in an abusive relationship.

"Absolutely it could because it could bring up the fact of was this a wanted pregnancy, there's gonna have to be support," said Craddock-Day.

Simeus and Madeus had a long history of domestic violence going back to 2009. Most recently, Madeus was arrested for allegedly beating Sieus in 2013.

When questioned about Horatia's death, Madeus told investigators,"I acted on my mind telling me what to do."

Friends of the victim say Simeus was finally ready to leave the father of her child.

Madeus is currently being held in the Palm Beach County Jail without bail.

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