Will Nace: Native Village Wildlife Sanctuary volunteer attacked by an alligator

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - An alligator handler in Broward County is recovering after a reptile attacked him.

Will Nace is a volunteer at the Native Village Wildlife Sanctuary in Hollywood.

He was performing tricks with an alligator before a group of friends and family who had gathered for a birthday party.

The gator lunged at him and clamped down on his arm.

"He actually ended up lunging at me before I got to his nose. So my hand happened to be right in front of his face, lunged up, basically grabbed my hand, bent it backwards and bit down," Nace told WPLG.

The attack broke his arm and he received severe skin lacerations.

Nace told WSVN said he was never afraid, "My mind was 100 percent on getting out of his mouth," he said on Sunday night.
WSVN reported the alligator that attacked him is 13 feet long and weighs 800 pounds.


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