Village of Tequesta to decide the fate of a confiscated boat

TEQUESTA, Fl. - A 1983 30 foot Scarab may soon be on the market. 

The Tequesta Police Department received the vessel after it was seized by the US Government. The boat, according to Tequesta police, was used during an attempt last year to smuggle 14 undocumented workers into the country last year.

Tequesta police, along with agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stopped the boat while it was offshore of Martin County. One alleged smuggler and 14 undocumented workers were taken into custody.

The Tequesta Town Council at its May 9th Council meeting will decide if it will put the boat up for auction.

The town says that any money it gets from the boat sale can only be used to fund law enforcement.

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