Man dressed as woman beaten up

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A video captured a man being severely beaten by a group of young men outside a Daytona Beach gas station.  William Jackson says he was the victim in the video.

Jackson is seen wearing a black and white dress.  He believes the reason he was attacked is because he dresses like a woman.

"I'm thinking is it over, is it over, is it over? Like, just let it be over. That's the only thing. I just knew this is not going to end good," Jackson tpld WFTV .

Jackson told police one of the young men used an offensive term for homosexuality before the beating started.

"It's been tough, like it has not been easy just to walk around or even to look at people in the face the same, it takes a lot of trust out ya too," Jackson said.

Jackson was able to identify only one of the suspects in the beating.  Once the video was posted on Facebook, however, additional people started to comment.  One of the people who commented, police say, can be identified as one of the attackers in the video. 

Jackson suffered scrapes, bruises and a black eye, the station reports.  He says what hurts the most are the emotional wounds.

"I think more emotionally disconnected and more hurt, but physically I'm fine," Jackson said.

The two suspects who have been identified are facing simple battery charges.  The State Attorney's Office has decided there is not enough evidence to consider the beating a "hate crime," however, the chief of police believes the case could rise to that level.

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