VIDEO: Florida 'turtle cam' catches loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings headed to sea

KEY WEST, Fla. - About 100 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings were captured on the Key West "turtle cam" making their way to the ocean.

On Friday, the three-inch hatchlings made their way from the nest to the ocean's edge, just before 9 p.m. Key West time. 

The camera uses infrared lighting so the baby turtles aren't confused by artificial light. 

They are guided by moonlight to reflections on the water, instead of venturing in the wrong direction to land.

The live stream has been showcasing the high-definition video from the Florida Keys beach on a website. 

The camera is part of continuing efforts to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting sea turtles.

The three-inch loggerhead sea turtle babies will grow to be about three feet long.

A female loggerhead comes up to the beach once every two to four years to lay nests.

A loggerhead can live up to 65 years.


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