Veterinarians call for vaccinations after spike in leptospirosis; infection can spread to humans

Veterinarians in Florida are reporting more cases of leptospirosis, a possibly deadly infection in dogs that could also be transferred to humans.
The culprit for the increase is likely caused by heavy rainfall across Central Florida during winter.
The disease can infect dogs, raccoons, rodents, cattle, pigs and horses. 
Dogs can be exposed to lepto simply by swimming in, playing in, or drinking standing water.  They can also get it simply by sniffing the waste of an infected animal.
Untreated, the infection could lead to kidney or liver failure in dogs, putting them in mortal danger.  
In both dogs and humans, the infection presents with flu-like symptoms. 
Though it's preventable through a vaccine, many veterinarians don't routinely vaccinate for the bacteria. 
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