USF football player and local grad Danous Estenor becomes lifesaver

The heroic actions of a college football player are just now coming to light.

In February a tow truck driver in the Tampa area got stuck underneath a car the driver was attempting to fix.

Danous Estenor, who plays for the University of South Florida, and graduated from Palm Beach Central High, had just pulled into a cafe nearby when reports say he heard screams for help.

The offensive lineman, who can bench-press 400-pounds, was able to lift the vehicle high enough to free the man.

Estenor says there was more than just adrenaline on his side that day. "But, really, like I think the number one thing was the man upstairs. That's why I was in that situation. I never go to that cafe. I was there that particular night. And then that energy. He gave me the energy to do that deed that night."

Estenor says he has not talked to the man he rescued since that night. He also says the experience changed his life.

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