Tyler Hadley sentenced to life without parole, murdered parents with hammer in 2011

Uncle: 'We lost another member of our family'

After an emotional nine days in court, there were plenty of tears as Tyler Hadley was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for beating his parents to death with a hammer in 2011.


After Hadley had his fingerprints taken and was escorted from the courtroom, his uncle Mike Hadley spoke from the heart.  "We lost another member of our family today.  There is no happy outcome with these situations."


Mike Hadley said it wasn't Tyler, but Blake and Mary Jo Hadley who were the real victims.  "They were just seriously beautiful people."


Mike Hadley smiled recalling how his younger brother Blake was the baby of the family who grew to be 6 foot 4.  He said he wished everyone had the chance to meet Blake and his wife.


The crimes left Tyler Hadley and his older brother Ryan without their parents.  Mike Hadley said Ryan will be OK because he has a good support system.


"He (Ryan) has mentioned to me every day he suffers for this.  Think about it, he lost his family," Mike said.


After Tyler Hadley apologized in court Wednesday, Mike Hadley told the judge that his nephew needed to be put away forever. "Even though I think the court, I think, made the right decision, it's still extremely gut wrenching and so sad to know that we've lost him forever."


Mike Hadley says if he had to ask Tyler one question, it would be "how could you?"  He added this case should serve as a wake-up call to all parents. 


"Do it right and you'll have good kids that will grow up and protect you instead of killing you."


Mike Hadley said while he looked at Tyler in court he would feel sorry for him, then he would see the images in his head of what Tyler did and that sorry feeling goes away.

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