Two-month-old Josiah Saintil found dead in trunk of car, father arrested

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Two-month-old Josiah Saintil was found dead in Coral Springs after an almost day-long search for his father, Janus.

"He played with him, fed him when he needed to be fed. The basic needs a father does," said Jasmine Saintil, the victim's nephew and suspect's sister.

Janus Saintil has been charged with first degree murder and armed kidnapping.

Police say Saintil had been driving a stolen vehicle Thursday at 7 p.m.  when he got angry at his girlfriend, Josiah's mother.

With Josiah in the car, police say he pulled out a gun, and forced others in the car to drive to Port Saint Lucie,  where police say he made them take money out of an ATM.

"He's always telling me,  preaching about what to do right, and what not to do. Take some of your own advice," said Jasmine Saintil.

Police fanned out across the area, with several stationing themselves in Coral Springs on a tip that Janus, who has a rap sheet,  would be coming to see friends.

"Their intelligence was right on, this is where he showed up," said Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti.

The arrest was made around 20 hours after the search started.

"I'm a parent and it just tugs in your heartstrings. A two month old. Such an innocent life," said Lamberti.

Now, police, and family, will have to figure out why that life was lost, and what went wrong.

"Think about your son, think about his future. He has a lot to live for," said Jasmine Saintil.

The medical examiner is doing an autopsy.

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