Tropical Storm Isaac: Pensacola, Florida Panhandle prepares for stormy weather

PENSACOLA, Fla.-- Residents along the panhandle of Florida are preparing for Isaac to make landfall, buying supplies, making plans and watching reports.

While visitors enjoyed the sun along Pensacola Beach Sunday morning, many said they were enjoying the final hours of peace before the storm.

The Pensacola Beach Public Safety Manager said lifeguard stations are set to be taken from the beach. Lifeguards are set to patrol by vehicle, eventually forcing swimmers out of the water when the yellow 'moderate warning' flag is changed to red.

Area residents are buying supplies for their homes, prepared for power to go out, and boarding up or placing shutters on windows in case of strong winds. Employers are now determining if businesses will be open.

A receptionist at one area hotel in Pensacola said she had notice an influx of visitors coming to the panhandle from southern areas, trying to outrun the storm.

Meanwhile, some at the beach said they are enjoying the day and plan to take cover if necessary, but are not concerned.

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