Tropical Storm Isaac: Locals head to shelters open in Key West as Isaac approaches

More than 100 people expected at Key West High

KEY WEST, Fla. -- Monroe County Emergency Officials warn it's too late to safely leave Key West. Officials no longer advise visitors to leave, citing deteriorating weather conditions are making driving conditions throughout the Keys too dangerous.

"You've chosen to remain in the Keys during the storm and the only safe place for you to be is indoors," says Monroe County Emergency Management Director Irene Toner. "Stay off roads and don't go outside."

89 people are relying on Key West High School for shelter this weekend as they prepare for Tropical Storm Isaac's arrival.

Set on higher ground, the high school is one of the safest buildings to be in to ride out any tropical storm.

It's one of four shelters in Monroe County. Emergency officials say many of the people staying here have no where else to go, or live on boats. In all about 150 people are relying on shelters this weekend.

Bus drivers hauled people in from around the city to the shelter, which should be open until Monday.

"As the storm progresses we could see upwards of 125 people like we've seen in the past. That could grow, it depends on the storm and what happens," says Stephen Dicks, with the Salvation Army.

We didn't take our cameras inside the shelter because emergency crews asked us to respect the privacy of those staying here.

The parking lot is jam-packed with cars from people who live nearby who wanted to leave their cars on higher ground.

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