Tough times for Florida author L. Concetta Graves who sometimes looks like Casey Anthony

Says she's been threatened

ORLANDO, Fla. - L. Concetta Graves is a Central Florida author who uses her Facebook page to help promote her new book.

But this past week she's been posting almost daily horror stories of her own life all because she looks a little bit like Casey Anthony when wearing a hat and sunglasses.

"Yesterday at the post office, some guy flung the door open real violently and fast and said 'oh my God, is that Casey Anthony?' and waited for me," Graves said.

For the author and her brother that's far from their scariest moment.

They were walking in West Orange County when three men jumped out of their truck shouting 'baby killer.'

"He came and charged at me and pushed me to the ground. So he's trying to beat on me, and I'm trying to deflect his blows and he caught a few here and here," said her brother D.M. Blade.

"I was scared to death, ya know. I don't know if they had guns. I didn't know what was going to happen, if someone was going to stab him," Graves said.

She had a gun and was able to scare them away. Now friends are telling her that she should stay home or dye her hair
For her brother, also an author, the events have been a lesson in how some in the public want to write a different ending to the Anthony trial.

"They kind of jump to conclusions. They don't know that behind the glasses and hat is someone that doesn't really look like her."

Graves is giving up the hat and sunglasses, which she uses to stay cool in the hot Florida sun.

"I'll definitely be wearing my hair down and dressing a little differently so that they don't think I'm her," she said.

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