Three new bills aiming to stop abortion in Florida

Three bills aimed to stop abortion in Florida are headed to the House floor.  The three bills would only allow doctors who own clinics to perform abortions.

House Democrat Mark Pafford says the reason the bills are moving quickly is because the GOP has a super-majority.

The sponsor of the bill, House Republican Liz Porter, says patients aren't being told the full story before aborting.

"Clinics are not going to be inclined to share the kind of information that may and will affect their bottom line," says Porter.

The most controversial portion of the bill forces women to have an ultrasound before they have an abortion. Some say it's a way to invoke guilt.

"Psychology. It just gives you that heavy guilt," says Ivette Gill, a local parent.

Pafford says it's all about timing.

"We're doing this this year because we can. Again, it's not necessarily that it's a great policy, it's that this is a grab like so many other things that we're doing," he states.

Some women say while they may not agree with abortion, they believe the bill is a silent attempt to talk women out of an already tough decision.

"You're taking away the choice. If they choose not to do it, you've taken the choice away," says Maria Chapman, a resident of West Palm Beach.

The bills are just 3 of 18 filed in Tallahassee that could change the way abortion clinics and doctors do business.

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