Thousands of bees invade South Florida home

MIRAMAR, Fla. - A South Florida homeowner has something to be thankful for as the New Year starts. The end of thousands of been that had taken up residence in her home.

Neki Mohan of Miramar called exterminator Alex De La Rosa when her house was overcome by the flying, stinging insects.

"I see what these bees can do. "We have too many kids in this neighborhood! I have a kid... there are grandmothers there.  We're talking thousand of bees," Mohan said.
The bees had been in the attic for months. By the time the exterminator was called, he estimated between 60 and 90 thousand bees had made themselves at home.

De La Rosa said it was a potentially dangerous situation. "The thing is that let's say you are in the backyard, you get stung, they mark you they release a pheromone and the rest of the hive will come in and sting you!"
Luckily no one was stung and the bees removed.

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