Thomas Rebman: Orange County, Florida middle school teacher spends month living as homeless person

(WESH/NBC NEWSCHANNEL)  Orange County middle school teacher Thomas Rebman left his home July 4 to spend a month living as a homeless person.

The former Naval officer hopes to raise awareness of the challenges homeless people face and to engage his students in the lesson by sharing his experience on Facebook and YouTube .

Rebman says homelessness is harder than he ever imagined.  “All this walking and not eating well is not doing me too well and I assure you I got ate by every single bug known to man tonight. “

Rebman said he's applied for more than 150 jobs in recent weeks and used his actual resume, which lists his two Masters degrees, but has had no luck because Rebman said he appears homeless.

He has managed to raise $4,000 in donations for local homeless organizations.

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