The KVJ Show canceled from Hits 97.3: Kevin, Virginia and Jason to search for a new radio station

The KVJ Show is off the air, replaced by pop music on Hollywood-based radio station Hits 97.3.

The news was first reported today by

The morning team, Kevin, Virginia and Jason, were lured to the Miami radio market after 14 successful years at pop station Wild 95.5 in West Palm Beach back in August.

Fans noticed a change not long ago when the talk show shifted to become a music show.

Listeners only got a few moments of hearing their favorite morning team introducing songs or giving traffic and weather updates.

According to, a source close to Hits 97.3 says Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington were not fired, since they are under contract, but have been told they no longer need to show up for work.

Originally it was reported that the team had been cleared to look for another job starting Monday.

However Virginia from The KVJ Show, clarifies saying, ""We are not able to talk to anyone yet and no negotiations are allowed."

We reached out to our radio partners at Clear Channel. Program Director Dave Denver says, "We have yet to be in contact with their show."




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