Suspect admits brutally beating 73-year-old woman with a dumbbell, police say

Tyrone Powell allegedly told authorities that he was strung out on drugs and needed more drugs when he spotted a 73-year-old woman walking, reports the Ocala Star-Banner.

He told the woman his work truck had broken down and he needed water, which she kindly brought to him from inside her condo, according to the Banner.

That's when the Silver Springs Shore man grabbed a dumbbell, which was sitting by her front door, and beat her severely with it, placing a shirt over her mouth so she would stop screaming.

Powell, 35, was arrested Monday on charges of attempted felony murder and home-invasion robbery.

Now he wants forgiveness.

At Powell's first court appearance Tuesday morning, the Ocala Star-Banner reports that Powell told the judge he had lost his job, has no income and doesn't own any property. He said in court, "I'm human. I make mistakes. I pray and hope that she forgives me."

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