Stray cat named 'Joe Dirt' to lose leg after being shot

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The most famous name around the administrative offices of Goodwill is Joe Dirt.

"Everybody knows Joe," employee Deb Willard said.

"We call him Joe, Joey, Joe Dirt. He has a lot of names," another employee said.

He isn't an employee or an actor, he's a stray cat.

One who has become famous around the office since they took him in a year ago.

"He showed up and he wouldn't go home," Willard said.

"He just comes up to you," Sherry Steff said. "It's almost like he's a human. He rolls over you rub his little belly. He's just real friendly."

A few weeks ago, the friendly feline stopped visiting, which left the office worried.

"Everybody kept asking where's Joe," Willard said. "Where's Joe? Have you seen Joe?"

"When you sit out here and he's not here you really miss him," Steff said.

After a week of searching they finally found him, but he wasn't the same old Joe.

"He looked like he'd been hit by a car," Willard said. "He wasn't walking at all."

He couldn't walk.

Veterinarians said Joe was shot with a pellet gun.

It shattered his leg and a pellet is still stuck inside of him.

"When I found out I almost cried," Steff said. "I tried not to. That was just horrible. I was devastated."

Tomorrow the shattered leg will be amputated.

Goodwill said now they need to find the three-legged stray cat a home.

"I would like him to find the lap of a nice person. Someone who will take care of him, pet him and love on him all day long," Willard added.

If you can help, please call 561-848-7200 x 3269. 

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