SpaceX to try another launch Tuesday

SpaceX hopes to launch its Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station Tuesday.

It's the first private company in the world to make the attempt. A successful mission may be a game changer for American spaceflight.
What SpaceX hopes to do is become the first private company in the world to successfully dock with the International Space Station.

It's a two-fold mission: Deliver cargo to the ISS and test new technologies,

Its Falcon 9 rocket and its reusable Dragon capsule are designed to lay the groundwork for SpaceX to someday ferry astronauts to space -- something this country hasn't done since the retirement of the space shuttle.
Having a private company do this helps NASA shift its focus.
SpaceX can handle trips to low Earth orbit, to the space station, saving NASA money and allowing it to focus on developing a new rocket that could reach asteroids -- and one day take Americans to Mars.

SpaceX hopes to fly Americans into space in as little as three years.

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