South Florida company creates new steam engine that can run on any kind of fuel

Steam engine would vaporize fossil fuel dependence

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - A South Florida company says its answering the call to stop global warming, by building a steam engine that would turn dependence on fossil fuels into vapor.

The Cyclone Power Steam Engine can power your car, boat or truck on any kind of fuel.

Fire superheats steam inside black coals. The steam turns something called a "spider bearing." Then you and your ride are off and running on just about any kind of fuel, from used cooking oil to diesel to biofuels.

"As we try and diversify our fuel base, we're gonna need to start looking at fuels that can be grown and produced locally for instance. Bio diesel made from orange peels right here in florida," says Chris Nelson of Cyclone Power Technologies.

Miami native Harry Schoell invented the engine which has been recognized by Popular Science Magazine.

Besides powering vehicles, the Cyclone Power Engine can also be used to turn waste oil into electricity.

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