Song for Caylee Anthony

Many people are still shocked over the jury's decision to acquit Casey Anthony of the murder of her toddler, Caylee.

One of those people is an Alabama singer and songwriter who has written a song about Caylee.

Earl "Peanut" Montgomery said he was surprised by the jury's decision.

He put his pen to paper and came up with a tune.

You probably don't recognize Montgomery, but you may have heard his music.

The singer/songwriter wrote a billboard number one hit in 1973.

He wrote "We're Gonna Hold On" with George Jones.

Another song, "One of These Days," just eclipsed more than one-million performances.

He's also played with stars like Roy Orbison.

His latest song about Caylee Anthony is around four minutes long and at no point mentions the child's mother, Casey.

Montgomery wants to make it clear he's not writing the song for personal gain.

"People write songs about everything just about," he said.

He also says it's his way of dealing with a death and trial that ignited the nation.

"That child is dead and nobody is going to pay the price for it," he said.

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