Shark migration is here, amazing video and photos on Palm Beach

Some beaches closed due to shark sightings

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Shark season is back along Palm Beach and other sections of South Florida.

It normall starts around February, but began a little later this year. It could be because we had such a warm winter, or it could be other environmental reasons we don't really know for sure.

They are definitely back though, in fact a crowd gathered at Midtown Beach Wednesday and people were seeing sharks swim right up to the shore.

Eddie Williams has his family visiting from Michigan and was amazed at the sight. "We never seen no sharks before in our entire life and now we seeing sharks at the beach, Crazy man!"

Lifeguards had to close the beach.  "We had a lot of sharks come right to the beach we whistled everybody out of the water and we threw up the double red flags indicating the water was closed to the public," said lifeguard Jeremy Stanley.

Surfers and sharks usually share the water this time of year and usually there are no problems reported.  That might be because the water is so clear on Palm Beach that the sharks can tell a surfer from its usual food. 

Most shark bite are a case of mistaken identity in murky water.

The best bet if you're headed to the beach and want to get in the water for the next month, check with lifeguards.

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