Several businesses affected by flood in downtown Live Oak

LIVE OAK, Fla. - Picking up and moving on is the only option for Holli Allbritton who works at Stichin' Sisters in downtown Live Oak. The floodwater rushed in Tuesday and consumed almost everything.

"It's scary to see your livelihood, everything you've worked for destroyed in one night," says Allbritton.

The store sits at one of the lowest points downtown. Allbritton says there was no time to save anything. 20+ inches of rain stormed the place, and then she says it got worse.

"I think looters came and took stuff, bags and luggage it's gone, they came and got that overnight," says Allbritton.

Other businesses up the street are surveying the damage, relieved most of their merchandise was higher off the ground.

"We have a tile floor we can pull up the carpet, but there's massive cleanup," says Jon Boggus, owner of Live Oak Jewelry.

Piles of sandbags sit outside several businesses Wednesday. They provided protection that was too little too late.

City crews are working to pump water out of low lying areas, but it's a slow process.

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