Seniors targeted by men posing as 'handymen' in their homes in the St. Petersburg area of Florida

Retired couples targeted

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Police are sending a warning to be on the lookout for fake handymen targeting seniors in Florida.

Two con men targeted a couple this week in St. Petersburg, Florida. One of the con men was at the front door to distract one of the residents of the home, Mr. Porter, while the other one in the backyard started spraying - claiming the yard was infested with spiders.

Mr. Porter's wife, Mary Porter said, "He started spraying, and then he purposefully sprayed my hand. And then he started screaming, saying, 'Oh, that's acid! We have to go into the house and get milk, oh we have to get milk!"

The scam was to get Mrs. Porter to wash her hands and take off her rings. It worked. Minutes later the men were gone with her two rings worth 30-thousand dollars.

Police are also investigating three similar cases around the same area.

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