Sea turtle recovering from multiple tumors at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon

MARATHON, Fla. - A juvenile green sea turtle named Mack is tumor free and appears to be smiling! 

It took five surgeries at The Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys and a trip to the veterinary ophthalmologist in Miami to remove tumors from his cornea.

According to a news release, the turtle was entangled in fishing line and covered in Fibropapilloma tumors when it swam into the boat basin of the hospital on May 28.

Doctors at the center were able to remove the fishing line successfully and an endoscopy revealed his insides were tumor free. 

The Turtle Hospital removed the external tumors and now Mack is swimming in a 30,000-gallon rehab tank.

Workers at the hospital said they will continue to care for and monitor the turtle's health for one year to make sure the tumors do not return.

Visitors can get a look at Mack and 46 other sea turtles currently living at The Turtle Hospital located on the Overseas Highway in Marathon.

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