Sago Palm: Popular plant could kill pets in hours

(WTLV/NBC) - A certain type of palm tree that's plentiful all across Florida can be deadly to your pet, particularly dogs.

Dory, a seven month old Boston terrier, is back to running around and getting into everything she can find.

Just days ago though, she was in the emergency room after she swallowed part of a sago palm.

The symptoms in most dogs are vomiting and diarrhea. In just hours, the dog can have liver issues, even liver failure.

Dr. Matthew Wilson, a veterinarian at Monument Road Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., says about 30 percent of dogs who swallow any part of the sago palm will die.

Wilson said just because dogs don't show symptoms after eating the plant, it doesn't mean they will survive.

Treatment and lab work can continue for days, even weeks, just like in Dory's case.

If you live in an area with sago palms, Wilson suggests removing them from your property completely, or fencing them off from your dog.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel