Report: Mom shot her 4 children 18 times

PORT ST. JOHN, Fla. (AP) -- A medical examiner's report says a Florida mother shot her four children 18 times before killing herself.

Florida Today reports Brevard County's medical examiner wrote in the report that a revolver was fired against the chest of at least two children. There were 19 gunshot wounds found on the victims, including the self-inflicted wound to 33-year-old Tonya Thomas. The report says one child was shot seven times. The youngest, who was 12, was shot five times from more than two feet away.

The shootings happened Tuesday in Port St. John, near Cape Canaveral. The children fled to a neighbor's house, but returned when Thomas came outside and called for them to return. Authorities say she then fired the fatal rounds, smoked a cigarette and later killed herself.

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