Referee slapped YouTube video: Dion Robinson West Park Saints assistant coach sought by BSO

Incident at McTyre Park in West Park

A youth football assistant coach ran up to a referee and slapped him so hard, it knocked the referee to the ground, authorities say.

Now, the Broward Sheriff's Office is looking for Dion Robinson, a 43-year-old assistant coach for the West Park Saints. Robinson is accused assaulting the referee during Saturday's game against the Miramar Patriots at McTyre Park in West Park.

A coach for the Patriots happened to be recording the game and recorded the entire assault, helping the sheriff's investigation, a report said. Deputies tried to contact Robinson at his West Park residence, but he wasn't there, the report said.

The referee who was slapped, Andrew Keigans, declined to be treated by paramedics after the attack, a sheriff's report said. Keigans couldn't be reached for comment Monday despite a message left at a listed number.


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Keigans was attacked Saturday after he called a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Saints. The referee said he had heard one of Saints assistant coaches — a sheriff's report doesn't say which coach — make a derogatory comment from the sidelines.

Keigans threw the penalty flag. "Suddenly, the assistant coach, who apparently disagreed with the penalty being called, barged the field and confronted the referee, all along being held back by the head coach," a sheriff's report said.

Because the assistant coach left the sidelines and entered the playing field to confront the referee about the penalty, a head referee ended the game. The Patriots are seen cheering the decision, claiming the win.

At that point, the video shows Keigans trying to leave the field amid the commotion.

"After the game was called, the entire coaching staff and parents ran to the field to confront the referee," the sheriff's report said. "It was then that the assistant coach ran toward the referee and slapped him on the face with his left hand. The slap to the face caused Keigans to fall to the ground. The assistant coach then fled the area."

As the attack unfolds, a concerned parent is heard from the sidelines saying, "Get the kids! Get to kids!"

Robinson vanished after the attack, the Sheriff's Office said.

As deputies investigated, the Sheriff's Office reached the youth football director for the West Park Saints, who identified Robinson from the video. The youth football director provided authorities Robinson's employment application so that deputies could find him.


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