Rash of business burglaries in Fort Pierce; Man charged with at least two burglaries

PSL detective helps out in FP case

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Bruce "Spunky" Strunk shows off a concrete block positioned just outside the rear entrance to his surf shop on US 1.  Police say it was used repeatedly to break open a lock to get into his store a few weeks ago.

"That thing didn't give for about 4 or 5 minutes," said Strunk on Monday.

When the burglar did eventually get inside his store, he didn't get out with much.  A cash drawer emptied of some loose change was tossed into a nearby yard.

"You know it's not like robbing a bank, surfers don't have the most money in the neighborhood," laughed Strunk.

Still, it was a traumatic experience for the man who opened his first store in the 1970s, which was cleaned out once by crooks.

Strunk is just glad his place wasn't trashed.

"Simply because a lot of people when they get upset and don't come out with anything, they want to take it out on the business owners," said Strunk.

Inlet Bait a few blocks away is another business that was hit.

Surveillance video showed a man with distinctive tattoos breaking in.

Late last week, Port St. Lucie police arrested a man on a burglary charge.  The detective in that case discovered his suspect had a unique tattoo on his bicep that matched the tattoos seen on the suspect in the Fort Pierce surveillance.

"We were able to solve two of the cases that we have been dealing with," said Sgt. Melissa Jaques with the Fort Pierce Police Department.

28 year-old Zachary Williams of Port St. Lucie has been charged with felony burglary of the bait shop and of the surf shop.  Detectives are looking into whether he's responsible for any of the seven other recent cases that they are investigating.

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