Randall Simmons sought after 4-year-old nephew shoots his aunt, Shantell Wilson

TAMPA, Fla. - "Basically, I was baby sitting my sister's two kids," explained Shantell Wilson.

She was baby sitting her four and eight year old nephews but outside of a Tampa cell phone store while she waited in a black SUV, 30-year old Wilson wondered if she'd be paralyzed for life or worse, lose it.

"I hear a balloon pop and I turn to my nephews and I'm like, where's the balloon?" she said.

"My older nephew said, it's not a balloon. Erion's playing with a gun so I turned to my mother and I'm like Ma, I think, at that time like, I reached back and looked at my back and I had blood and I'm like Ma, Erion just shot me," she continued.

Investigators say the .25 caliber pistol four year old Erion played with in his grandmother's car was unsecured and loaded.

"It came through the seat. He shot through the seat," said Wilson.

The child's aunt says the bullet hit her near her spine, lodging in the muscle and doctors told her it's too dangerous to operate and take it out.

"I'm more concerned about my nephew. I'm scared that he's going to be traumatized because after all he is a four year old kid you know," she said.

Surveillance video of the SUV shows Wilson's brother, Randall Simmons, and cousin running out of the store after the commotion. Deputies say the pistol belongs to Simmons and he showed it off in the car before going inside.

"Apparently, after he finished looking at it stuck is back in a little folding compartment back behind on of the seats," said Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Larry McKinnon.

Investigators say the video also shows Simmons leaving the scene. He's now wanted for felony culpable negligence and felon in possession of a firearm.

"We are looking for him," said McKinnon.

Wilson has just one message for her brother-- turn himself in. 

"Yes, I do, but that's hard to do," she said.

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