Raccoon with can stuck on head video: Rescued by firefighters

Firefighters know how to handle cats stuck in trees. But what about a raccoon stuck in a can!

It happened in Florida, and firefighters were able to come up with a fix.

It was not your everyday emergency for a group of Coral Springs firefighters.

The raccoon was dropped off in a box outside their fire station with a can stuck on his head.

Attached to the wild animal was a note reading, "Please help, I wasn in the dumpster and got a soup can stuck on my head. It won't come off. Please help me." The note was signed, "Thank you, Rock."

The raccoon was freed after a firefighter got a pair of tin snips and made some cuts on the can.

After winning his freedom back, the raccoon ran under a nearby car before scurrying off.

The way the raccoon took off, it appears he wasn't hurt too badly.

As for who wrote the note, the mystery still remains.

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